OCS™ Lung

The only FDA-approved device for utilized lung transplant. Currently under FDA review for unutilized lung transplant 

Often referred to as a “Lung-in-a-Box”, the OCS Lung is a revolutionary system that preserves donor organs. 

The OCS acts as a miniature intensive care unit that keeps organs alive and healthy by maintaining them in a natural state that mimics the human body

so that organs can remain viable for transplant along the way to recipients.

The Benefits of OCS Lung


The OCS Lung is FDA approved for use with utilized donor lungs

Improved post-transplant outcomes compared to cold storage

~50% reduction of primary graft dysfunction (PGD) grade 3*

Significantly expanded organ retrieval range while limiting ischemic time

Reduction of PGD3 with OCS

*PGD3 in the first 72 hours is a severe form of acute lung injury that is a major cause of early morbidity and mortality encountered after lung transplantation. TransMedics OCS Lung significantly reduced PGD3 vs control group in the INSPIRE Trial.

Significant Reduction of PGD3 within 72 Hours


The OCS Lung is currently under FDA review for use with unutilized donor lungs

International pivotal trial to evaluate the Organ Care System for use with unutilized donor lungs that may not meet current standard acceptance criteria for transplantation.

  • 79 patients were enrolled worldwide
  • Types of donors used

– Older donors ≥55 years – 39%
– DCD donors – 33%
– Ischemic time >6 hours – 32%
– PaO2/FiO2 ratio ≤300 mmHg –25% 
– 20 patients had 2+ indications

  • UNOS data showed donor lungs used for the OCS Lung EXPAND Trial had been declined for transplantation on average 35 times by other transplant centers before reaching an OCS Trial Center
  • Primary effectiveness endpoints:

– Patient survival at 30 days post transplant
– Absence of Primary Graft Dysfunction (PGD) Grade 3 during the first 72 hours post transplant

OCS Lung Patient Stories

Hear from a patient who has benefited from the TransMedics OCS and discover if this may be a viable option for you or someone you know.

Time is everything. My surgery was very challenging, it lasted 11-hours. Without the OCS, I feel that I wouldn’t be here now.

-Silvano, OCS Lung patient 

Locate an OCS Lung Center Near you

The OCS Lung is FDA approved for use with utilized donor lungs. It is currently under FDA review for use with unutilized donor lungs. The OCS Lung is CE marked and commercially available in Europe and Australia.

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Stanford Medical Center

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The OCS Lung, OCS Heart and OCS Liver are all CE marked devices.
The OCS Lung is an FDA-approved device for utilized donor lungs and is currently under FDA review for unutilized donor lungs. The OCS Heart and OCS Liver devices are investigational devices and, are therefore, limited by federal law to investigational use in the US.