TransMedics OCS:
Science that
Mirrors Life

The Only Fully-Integrated, Compact, Portable Organ System. Shown to Improve Clinical Outcomes.

The TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS) is a fully portable, multi-organ, normothermic preservation and assessment technology that mirrors human physiology, minimizes ischemia, and provides the ability to optimize the organ during transport.

This revolutionary technology allows physicians and institutions to maximize the potential of donor hearts, lungs, and livers while monitoring each organ throughout the entire process, ensuring transplant teams can preserve organs in an optimal condition.

The OCS Platform Was Designed To:


Warm, oxygenated blood perfusion allows us to maintain organs in a living, functional state. As a result, the lung breathes, the heart beats, and the liver produces bile.

Enable Diagnostic Evaluation

Diagnostic assessment makes it possible to analyze organ function and viability.

Optimize Organ Condition

Allows for therapeutic intervention through replenishing oxygen and nutrients.

A Large and Growing Clinical Demand


>12 Million Americans are diagnosed with COPD

SourceL NIH, 2010


~650,000 Americans are diagnosed with CHF

Source: Mancini et al. JACC, 2015


~2.8 Million Patients diagnosed with liver Cirrhosis

Source: Global Burden of Disease Study. Lancet

Addressing Current Limitations of Organ Transplant

only 2-3 out of 10 donated thoracic organs are able to be used for transplant

Cold storage can limit the utilization of donor organs and negatively impact outcomes. By keeping organs in a warm, functioning state, OCS enables physicians to care for and optimize the condition of donor organs.

With the optimization of donor organs and assessment of organ viability through the OCS, more organs can be utilized, providing transplant patients with better outcomes.

Discover the OCS Multi-Organ Platform Technology

Only multi-organ platform used with donor lungs, hearts and livers

Largest user base at 70 leading US and global transplant centers

Largest body of literature and clinical evidence in warm perfusion

Most extensive training program including 24/7 clinical support

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