National OCS™ Program

TransMedics is transforming clinical practice of donor organ procurement and OCS™ perfusion, establishing the new standard of care in organ transplantation.

TransMedics can deliver donor organs from anywhere in the U.S. to your Transplant Center

National OCS™ Program Benefits

Say farewell to the time & distance limitations of cold storage

Transplant Center Benefits
End-to-end world-class clinical service

TransMedics provides end-to-end technology and expert clinical service solutions that maximize clinical outcomes while reducing learning curves and your exposure to dry run costs.

Helping grow your center's volume

Avoid the limitations of ischemic time & distance with cold storage – TransMedics handles donor organ retrieval, instrumentation and transportation on OCS™ directly to your transplant center for your final clinical acceptance.

Maximizing your team's work / life balance

More rest equals better clinical outcomes. TransMedics lets you focus on pre-transplant patient care and the transplant procedure itself, while we manage everything in between.

Want to learn more about how reimbursement works with TransMedics?

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