Establishing the new standard of care for organ transplantation

TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS™): The only FDA-approved technology for lung, heart & liver transplantation indication in the U.S.

TransMedics receives FDA PMA approval of OCS™ DCD Heart indication

The OCS™ Heart is an FDA-approved device for both DBD and DCD donor Hearts

TransMedics National OCS™ Program (NOP)

Say farewell to the time & distance limitations of cold storage with our NOP

Technology & Clinical Service

TransMedics provides end-to-end technology & expert clinical service solutions that maximize heart & lung transplant volume, clinical outcomes and reduce learning curves.

Program Growth

Avoid the limitations of ischemic time & distance limitations, as well as resource constraints, while reducing your dry run cost exposure.

Maximizing your team’s work/life balance

More rest equals better clinical outcomes. TransMedics enables better management of your transplant center’s human capital and overall clinical resources

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