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Community helps pioneering transplant of non-beating heart

Community Regional Medical Center’s trauma staff helped facilitate the second-ever West Coast donation of a heart after circulatory death for a successful transplant.

New organ technology helps save lives

Carolina Donor Services and TransMedics partner on a system that increases the number of lungs available for transplant.

Ohio State surgeons use novel heart transplant monitoring system

Heart surgeons at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are the first in central Ohio to use a novel organ monitoring system that preserves hearts donated

TransMedics redefining what’s possible in organ transplantation

TransMedics Group (NASDAQ:TMDX) is transforming the standard of care in solid organ transplants in order to increase the number of organ transplants and improve clinical outcomes.

Surgeons believe transplant medical device could save more patients

From horseback riding and hiking to cliff jumping, Donald Stivers never let his heart condition hold him back. Stivers has been pushing his body’s limits ever since he was a child. But the topic of his condition

Medical breakthrough: New technology helps save more lives by preserving donated hearts longer

A medical breakthrough is offering hope to victims in need of a heart transplant: Doctor are now able to preserve donated hearts longer, which means saving more lives.

‘Heart in a box’ Expands Transplant Opportunities

Dominic Emerson, MD, and Pedro Catarino, MD, both transplant surgeons with the Smidt Heart Institute, know how to be spontaneous.

Child heart transplants: Record year for new-style operations

In the programme, so-called "non-beating donor hearts" are revived to give to teenage recipients. Freya Heddington, 14, from Bristol,

'Heart in a Box' device allows more transplants in Minnesota

When he closed his eyes for the last time before surgery, Kevin Manion knew he might not wake up with a new heart beating in his chest.

Local man gets life-saving "breathing lungs"

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new device is helping open the door for more people in need of a life-saving lung transplant.

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